Phytotherapy for pets

Phytotherapy refers to plant-assisted supportive care for animal welfare. BIE studio manufactures and processes products and compound food to support animal welfare. Please note that phytotherapeutic products are never a substitute for veterinary treatment and / or medication prescribed by a veterinarian.


Currently in top product development, I have an organic insect repellent for pets. Customer experience with the product to date has been good, and it would appear that as such, the product’s recipe significantly reduces the interest of flying insects such as mosquitos and blackflies, in pets moving around outdoors. The ultimate goal is to achieve an insect repellent that would also reduce the tick's interest on our beloved pets.


The raw materials of the products are collected from pure Lapland nature, respecting nature and following the principles of sustainable development. Products intended for consumption are prepared in the food kitchen in accordance with hygiene legislation. In non-collected raw materials, the aim is to use mainly domestic raw materials (for example oils), if it is impossible to obtain domestic raw materials,  only organic or fair trade certified raw materials are used.


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