BIE studio was born because I wanted to stay in Kolari for good and not travel away every summer after winter season. My main interest is in natural resources, and in working with animal-assisted methods and Green Care. As a side business I'm doing graphic design, webpages and crafts, check Tibby's Design for more info.

I graduated from the University of Jyväskylä in 2013 with the degree of Master of Arts. Arts was a natural choice for me because of the lifelong interest in the field, however. very difficult to make use in today's working envinronment. I wanted to get a solid foundation through education to use arts and aesthetics also from a more theoretical and scientific point of view as part of my working tool and my free-time. A big part of my education consisted of a large variety of social and pedagogical studies.

At the moment I'm also working as a Kindergarden Teacher.

Kolari, Finnish Lapland

+358 45 3293429

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